In the vast expanse of the post-apocalyptic wasteland where the Earth has stopped rotating plunging humanity into a perpetual day-night cycle, players embark on a journey of survival, conquest, and civilization-building in Nomads.

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About Nomads

Nomads is a survival, competitive massively multiplayer online (MMO) GameFi set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, built in Unreal Engine 5 by a team of 5 game developers, and powered by the Ethereum blockchain network.

Resource collection is key to success in Nomads. Players scavenge the wasteland for essential materials, from scrap metal and lumber to fresh water and food supplies. With these resources, players can construct their own homes, fortifications, and eventually entire towns, each with its own unique layout and infrastructure.


In Nomads, players have the opportunity to band together with fellow wanderers, pooling their resources and manpower to build sprawling cities that rival the grandeur of the old world. As these settlements grow, players can levy taxes on weaker players, establishing themselves as formidable rulers of the wasteland. In-game taxes and trading takes place using the native ERC-20 token $NOMADS.

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The Market

Players have the ability to create their own NFT assets within the game using in-game resources, crafting materials, or special tools. These assets can be customized and personalized to reflect the player's preferences, style, and achievements in the game. Creators can sell their assets for income, while marketplace fees feed back to our game economy. The marketplace facilitates peer-to-peer transactions, enabling players to trade assets directly with each other without the need for intermediaries.

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Nomads have numerous earn opportunities in-game, including trading with other players in exchange of $NOMADS tokens, creating and trading cosmetic NFT assets in the marketplace and collecting taxes from in-game lands they have conquered as a crew/clan. In Nomads, it is possible to also stake an amount of $NOMADS tokens at the start of a season, in order to earn rewards at the end of the season based on your player's or crew's performance.

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The Roadmap

Phase 1: Inception

- Launch $NOMADS
- Setup socials (TG, X, Web)
- Initial Marketing
- Dextools/CMC/CG
- Alpha version of Nomads
- Nomads game launcher

Phase 2: Development

- VFX/SFX development
- Constant bug fixes
- Custom 3D Models
- Further Marketing

Phase 3: Marketing

- CEX listing
- Player activities expansion, lands, buildings
- Kick off gamefi integration
- Expand storyline/lore/quests/map

Phase 4: GameFi

- NFT Marketplace
- In-game trading hub
- Seasons/leaderboards
- Stress test online play

Phase 5: Release

- Cross-platform
- Public release
- Twitch streamers marketing
- More to be added

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Contract Address: Click To Copy
Total Supply: 100% - 1 Million
Liquidity Pool (LP): 80% - 800k
Team Supply
(vested linear 1 month to 1 year):
5% - 50k
CEX/Pools Supply
(locked 3 weeks, relock if needed):
4% - 40k
Game Rewards Supply
(locked 2 weeks, relock if needed):
6% - 60k
Marketing Supply
5% - 50k
Buy Tax: 4%
Sell Tax: 6%
Transfer Tax: 0%

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